Oct 14, 2015

Very well done, the bomb diffusing room was challenging but with reasonable riddles. We really enjoyed ourselves and will try the other rooms. - Santiago ★★★★★

Oct 10, 2015

I went with 3 kids and we all had fun. The lady gave the kids hints along the way to keep them going. (It was not easy.) We did not make the escape in 45 mins but it was a very good experience. We just love the signs we could hold up to take pictures at the end of the game. We will go back to finish our unfinished business in another time. - Patsy ★★★★★

Sept 26, 2015

Great place, even better staff! - Frances ★★★★★

Sept 19, 2015

The staff was extremely nice and friendly!!! We had such a good time!! - Cathaline ★★★★★

Sept 13, 2015

We highly recommend iEscaped!  The staff are very professional, friendly and very detail oriented. We appreciated the reminder email as well as the thank you email. Raylene was fantastic! Keep up the great work iEscaped. We will be back. - Marlise ★★★★★

Sept 5, 2015

We really enjoyed it. We will do much better next time around :) - Gloria ★★★★★

Sept 2, 2015

The family enjoyed it very much and the staff was nice and helpful. Would recommend and comeback!!! - Kenny ★★★★★

Aug 27, 2015

Amazing experience! Definitely going back! - Christine ★★★★★

July 30, 2015

First time playing, very fun. - Christine ★★★★★

July 14, 2015

7 of us did the Abandoned room. We loved its set-up even though we didn't make it out! We will definitely be back to try another room - Celine


July 12, 2015

Seven of us enjoyed a challenging well thought out puzzle in a well designed setting. everything was perfect. In the end we failed but who cared. A great time was had by all. - Elaine ★★★★★

July 12, 2015

It was amazing - Gavin ★★★★★

July 11, 2015

Great and fun experience. - Luca ★★★★★

July 6, 2015

It was sooooooo much fun!! - Yun ★★★★★

July 6, 2015

Staff were amazing. They were helpful, courteous, fun and added to the.adventure. It was our first time and we will try another one! Thank you. - Cassie ★★★★★

June 22, 2015

it was great. LOL my best piece of advice is to really dumb yourself down for the space room. Being too smart is not always a good thing! I def will be back to try the abandoned room! - Latoya ★★★★★

June 5, 2015

Awesome staff. And had a lot of fun. Did the space room and Las Vegas room. Had a great time ! - Justin ★★★★★

May 28, 2015

Great experience!  Was our first time and we picked the hardest room!  Even though we didn't make it through, we had a good time.  We will be back but will pick a room that we have a better chance of making through.  I would recommend this to anyone. - Tom ★★★★★

May 20, 2015

Great service, very thoughtful and creative ideas and puzzles! We are most definitely coming back :) - Eliana ★★★★★

May 17, 2015

Had an amazing experience today! Still can't believe our group beat the clock! The staff were wonderful and it was such an awesome experience that me or my group will never forget! - Danielle ★★★★★

May 13, 2015

Awesome experience!) - Roman ★★★★★

May 3, 2015

Had a great time! Clues were fun and challenging! Would come back again. - Kate ★★★★★

Apr 26, 2015

Very good experience, nice and accommodating staff ! we will come back... - Mohammad ★★★★★

Apr 23, 2015

Thanks for all the tips and help! - Linda ★★★★★


Apr 18, 2015

Amazing time! We loved it. Thank you so much. - Tiffany ★★★★★


Apr 17, 2015

Friendly staff and good experience overall - Christopher ★★★★★


Apr 6, 2015

We all have a GREAT time, it was challenging! And it is a lot better than other places. Good pick if you book this place. -

Angela ★★★★★


Mar 29, 2015

amazing place. the staff are indescribably nice! will continue to go back until there are no rooms left to play and even then i might go back just for the staff! - Taylor ★★★★★


Mar 26, 2015

Had a blast there again tonight! The people there are also super nice and friendly. Room is clean and well kept (other escape places gave me dust allergies afterwards). The escape is very engaging!  Will definitely visit again! - Cecilia ★★★★★


Mar 22, 2015

We had a great time. Thanks! - Ada ★★★★★


Mar 20, 2015

Amazing service! I went for my birthday with about 9 other people and had an incredible time, even if we didn't finish. Would return and reccommend for many ages - Debra ★★★★★


Mar 14, 2015

very challenging. i love their staff. super friendly and gives really good tips. would recommend this place. - Denise ★★★★★


Mar 14, 2015

Amazing experience with friends! Even though we failed it was definitely entertaing and a good challenge. Can't wait to come back and try another room! - Christina ★★★★★ 


Mar 9, 2015

Great fun and great people running the place. Vegas room was pretty hard...we didn't solve it in time but they gave us hints and some extra time and we eventually muddled through to the end. Thinking "outside the box" is definitely an asset and starting at the right puzzle makes a big difference. All in all a challenging and fun way to spend some time with friends. A++++ Steve ★★★★★  


Mar 2, 2015

First time all of us tried one of these games... GREAT experience and customer service!!! Lots of fun, will definitely be doing one of these again! - Nick ★★★★★  


Feb 19, 2015 

Fantastic time. And the lady that helped us was wonderful. - Brian ★★★★★ 


Jan 3, 2015

My girlfriend and I had our first iEscaped experience today and it was definitely a good one, we will be back! It was very challenging, we didn't know what to expect but were very pleased with the difficulty of the puzzles. We will definitely be back. - Greg ★★★★★


Jan 1, 2015

It was a pleasant experience, much better than expected! - Alpar ★★★★★


Dec 31, 2014

Thanks - game rooms (Superhero and Vegas for us) were well organized and similar to the best types of rooms you can play on-line. Puzzles intuitive, nothing unfair. Great activity for a group/family. Thanks so much! - Brian ★★★★★  


Nov 17, 2014

My friends and I had a blast playing Abandoned- will definitely come back for the remaining rooms. The puzzles were very challenging and did require good teamwork. The staff were very friendly as well. Looking forward to more escapes (hopefully successful!) and telling all my friends! Keep up the great work! - Daniella ★★★★★


Nov 8, 2014

An absolute delight to play - the room "Abandoned" had some unexpected surprise and it was a fun team-building experience for a big group. Will definitely return! - Fanny ★★★★★


Nov 7, 2014

Pleasantly surprised! All four of us were first-timers and we didn't know what to expect but we ended up having a great time! The staff were absolutely great - friendly, personable, helpful and funny and they really helped to make our experience better. They provided lockers for our belongings (we kept the key on us) and even took our photo at the end! Although we went on the "Fail" wall, we'll be sure to be back soon with more friends. I definitely recommend this for small groups of friends (4+). Thanks for a great experience iEscaped! - Johnny ★★★★★


Nov 5, 2014

Keep up the great work :) - Randy ★★★★★