Here at iEscaped, we do not put you into rooms with strangers.  Once you reserve your escape room experience, that time slot is solely for your group to enjoy.


You, as part of  a Counter Terrorist Unit, have received intel informing you that a terrorist group has planted a bomb inside the stock exchange building. You have 45 minutes to defuse the bomb!


Escape Level: 3.5/5

Players: 2 - 6

Recommended Players: 4+

Success Rate: 40%

Record Time: 30 minutes




DISCLAIMER: Dear Federal Agents and other Law Enforcement:  This is only a clock. It is no more dangerous than any other clock. We at iEscaped don't know anything about explosives beyond what we've seen in movies. So if you are with the RCMP, FBI, Department of Homeland Security, CIA, ATF, Department of Defense, National Counterterrorism Center, Interpol, or SEAL Team Six, please know that we are on your side!


You wake up in a blur and find yourself in an abandoned infirmary. A few others are lying on beds surrounding you and you try to wake them.  Some regain consciousness but some are not responsive. Your mind is fuzzy and you don't remember why or how you got here. You and the others want answers...


Escape Level: 4/5

Players: 6 - 12

Recommended Players: 6+

Success Rate: 25%

Record Time: 35 minutes

Note: Involves two rooms 




A Las Vegas casino has been evacuated due to a fire in the hotel's dance club. The police and fire department has blocked off all entrances into the casino. You and your friends, wanting to be millionaires, decide to break into the casino's vault! Will you be clever enough to escape before the fire marshal arrives to investigate the cause of the fire?


Escape Level: 4.5/5

Players: 2 - 6

Recommended Players: 4+

Success Rate: 15%

Record Time: 32 minutes 

Note: Need to know poker hands and what makes blackjack.  Instruction are in the room.




You crash land on a dark planet and your spacecraft is beyond repair. By chance, your team has stumbled upon a deserted space shuttle. Your mission is to start the shuttle and return to Earth before oxygen runs out in your spacesuits. Will you return to Earth in time?


Escape Level: 2.5/5

Players: 2 - 4

Recommended Players: 4

Success Rate: 60%

Record Time: 22 min & 2 sec

Note: In this room you play in the dark with just enough light to see.